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The Best Pasta is...

Fresh Pasta!

A short story about us


“La pasta fresca è la Pasta Migliore” - Fresh Pasta is the Best Pasta. 

Made from the finest ingredients, passion, love and a family recipe from their Italian homeland, Massimo’s Artisan Pasta was established in 2014 with the intent of bringing fresh pasta to the Orlando area and beyond.

Margherita and Massimo craft their eggless pastas daily for both retail and wholesale clients. It is the fresh pasta of choice for many restaurants and markets throughout the state of Florida.

Mangia! Mangia!

Why You’ll Love our Variety



Spaghetti can be enjoyed with any type of sauce, meat or fish. 



Linguine is the perfect choice for fish based sauces.


Pappardelle is best with white bolognese sauce.


Casarecce is perfect with meat or fish sauces.

Take a look at

Our Featured Pastas

Stuffed Shells


Our shells are stuffed with 4 cheeses and are ready to bake with red or white sauces.


Fettuccine is best with Bolognese or Alfredo sauce.

4 Cheese Tortellini


Our Tortellini is stuffed with 4 cheeses and can be enjoyed with Alfredo sauce  or a simple red sauce.

What our customers say

Nothing like fresh pasta! You can taste the freshness in every bite... I'm totally spoiled now, I could could never go back to the grocery store to purchase pasta again...

Ali Bei

Video Production

My restaurant has been using pasta made by Massimo for years and it is by far a superior product, more so than anything I have ever tried.Very consistent and delicious.

Denny Tornatore

Tornatore's Restaurant

Massimo's Artisan Pasta

 Massimo's Artisan Pasta
 4211 Edgewater Dr.
 Orlando, FL 32804


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